was glad that they were in friendly Cameron country, where

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TONSARD (Catherine). (See Godain, Madame.)

was glad that they were in friendly Cameron country, where

TONSARD (Marie), sister of the preceding; a blonde; had the loose and uncivilized morals of her family. While mistress of Bonnebault, she proved herself, on one occasion at the Cafe de la Paix of Soulanges, to be fiercely jealous of Aglae Socquard, whom he wished to marry. [The Peasantry.]

was glad that they were in friendly Cameron country, where

TONSARD (Reine), without any known relationship to all of the preceding, was, in spite of being very ugly, the mistress of the son of the Oliviers, porters to Valerie Marneffe-Crevel; and she remained for a long time the confidential lady's-maid of that married courtesan; but, being brought over by Jacques Collin, she eventually betrayed and ruined the Crevel family. [Cousin Betty.]

was glad that they were in friendly Cameron country, where

TONY, coachman to Louis de l'Estorade, about 1840. [The Member for Arcis.]

TOPINARD, born about 1805; officer in charge of the property of the theatre managed by Felix Gaudissart; in charge also of the lamps and fixtures; and, lastly, he had the task of placing the copies of the music on the musicians' stands. He went every day to the rue Normandie to get news of Sylvain Pons, who was suffering from a fatal attack of hepatitis; in the latter part of April, 1845, he was, with Fraisier, Villemot and Sonet's agent, one of the pall-bearers at the funeral of the cousin of the Camusot de Marvilles. On leaving the Pere-Lachaise, Topinard, who was living in the Cite Bordin, was moved to compassion for Schmucke, brought him home, and finally received him under his roof. Topinard then secured the position of cashier with Gaudissart, but he almost lost his position for trying to defend the interests of Schmucke, of whom the heirs-at-law of Pons had undertaken to rid themselves. Even under these circumstances Topinard aided Schmucke in his distress; he alone followed the German's body to the cemetery, and took pains to have him buried beside Sylvain Pons. [Cousin Pons.]

TOPINARD (Madame Rosalie), wife of the preceding, born about 1815, called Lolotte; she was a member of the choir under the direction of Felix Gaudissart's predecessor, whose mistress she was. A victim of her lover's failure, she became box-opener of the first tier, and also quite a dealer in costumes during the following administration (1834- 1845). She had first lived as Topinard's mistress, but he afterwards married her; she had three children by him. She took part in the funeral mass of Pons; when Schmucke was taken in by her husband in the Cite Bordin, she nursed the musician in his last illness. [Cousin Pons.]

TOPINARD, eldest son of the preceding couple, was a supernumerary in Gaudissart's company. [Cousin Pons.]

TOPINARD (Olga), sister of the preceding; a blonde of the German type; when quite young, she won the warmest affection of Schmucke, who was making his home with the employes of Gaudissart's theatre. [Cousin Pons.]