“Campbells! Dhé! and they will be murdering us all,

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VERNIER, formerly a dyer, who lived on his income at Vouvray (Touraine), about 1821; a cunning countryman, father of a marriageable daughter named Claire; was challenged by Felix Gaudissart in 1831, for having played a practical joke on that illustrious traveling merchant, and fought a bloodless pistol duel. [Gaudissart the Great.]

“Campbells! Dhé! and they will be murdering us all,

VERNIER (Madame), wife of the preceding, a stout little woman, of robust health; a friend of Madame Margaritis; she gladly contributed her share to the mystification of Gaudissart as conceived by her husband. [Gaudissart the Great.]

“Campbells! Dhé! and they will be murdering us all,

VERNISSET (Victore de), a poet of the "Angelic School," at the head of which stood Canalis, the academician; a contemporary of Beranger, Delavigne, Lamartine, Lousteau, Nathan, Vigny, Hugo, Barbier, Marie Gaston and Gautier, he moved in various Parisian circles; he was seen at the Brothers of Consolation on the rue Chanoinesse, and he received pecuniary assistance from the Baronne de la Chanterie, president of the above-mentioned association; he was to be found, with Heloise Brisetout, on the rue Chauchat, at the time of her house-warming in the apartments in which she succeeded Josepha Mirah; there he met J.-J. Bixiou, Leon de Lora, Etienne Lousteau and Stidmann; he fell madly in love with Madame Schontz. He was invited to the marriage of Celestin Crevel and Valerie Marneffe. [The Seamy Side of History. Beatrix. Cousin Betty.]

“Campbells! Dhé! and they will be murdering us all,

VERNON (Marechal) father of the Duc de Vissembourg and the Prince Chiavari. [Beatrix.]

VERNOU (Felicien), a Parisian journalist. He used his influence in starting Marie Godeschal, usually called Mariette, at the Porte Saint- Martin. The husband of an ugly, vulgar, and crabbed woman, he had by her children that were by no means welcome. He lived in wretched lodgings on the rue Mandar, when Lucien de Rubempre was presented to him. Vernou was a caustic critic on the side of the oppositon. The uncongeniality of his domestic life embittered his character and his genius. He was a finished specimen of the envious man, and pursued Lucien de Rubempre with an alert and malicious jealousy. [A Bachelor's Establishment. Lost Illusions. A Distinguished Provincial at Paris. Scenes from a Courtesan's Life.] In 1834, Blondet recommended him to Nathan as a "Handy Andy" for a newspaper. [A Daughter of Eve.] Celestin Crevel invited him to his marriage with Valerie Marneffe. [Cousin Betty.]

VERNOU (Madame Felicien), wife of the preceding, whose vulgarity was one of the causes of her husband's bitterness, revealed herself in her true light to Lucien de Rubempre, when she mentioned a certain Madame Mahoudeau as one of her friends. [A Distinguished Provincial at Paris.]

VERT (Michel-Jean-Jerome), nick-named Vermichel, formerly violinist in the Bourgogne regiment, was occupied, during the Restoration, with the various callings of fiddler, door-keeper of the Hotel de Ville, drum- beater of Soulanges, jailer of the local prison, and finally bailiff's deputy in the service of Brunet. He was intimate friend of Fourchon, with whom he was in the habit of getting on sprees, and whose hatred for the Montcornets, owners of Aigues, he shared. [The Peasantry.]

VERT (Madame Michel), wife of the preceding, commonly called Vermichel, as was the case with her husband; a mustached virago, a metre in width, and of two hundred and forty pounds weight, but active in spite of this; she ruled her husband absolutely. [The Peasantry.]